Technology Week at CDAC, Navi Mumbai


December 15-20, 2008. CDAC Navi Mumbai campus, Kharghar.

About the Programme

In order to enable the large number of educational institutions and industry organisations to catch up with advanced/recent topics in the field of information technology, and to share with them CDAC's ongoing efforts in some of these areas, CDAC Navi Mumbai is organising this week long event. It is also meant to be a forum for those seeking to pursue research or pursuing their research/PhD programmes, can share experiences and seek guidance. CDAC is a government supported R&D institution, carrying out research and development in a number of carefully selected technology areas. The programme will enable participants

  • to understand some of the emerging trends in IT and their practical utilities
  • to familiarise with good software environments to explore research opportunities and development of practical applications using them.
  • to enable academia and industry to identify technology areas for pursuing their research and future career opportunities.

The Programme

The programme will consist of

  • talks on emerging areas of technology such as
    • Indian language processing,
    • open source movement,
    • machine learning,
    • instruction design,
    • assessment technologies, etc
  • Demo and lab sessions using state of the art open source software in these areas
  • Interactive problem solving and discussion sessions
  • PhD student symposium

The softwares proposed to be covered include

  • Weka: for machine learning
  • Moodle: learning management and elearning
  • Drupal: website development and content management
  • Nltk: natural language processing
  • BOSS: Indian distribution of Gnu/Linux and a number of other open source productivity

tools for email, word processing, system administration, etc.

PhD Symposium

In this session, there will be presentations of PhD work in progress by various faculty members. The presentation must focus on the technical
aspect of the work, defending the problem and the approach, and summarising the work done so far, major observations and future directions.
This will be a good forum for scholars to gather feedback from other colleagues from academia and industry, and for industry to get a feel of the research work from the academia.
Those interested in presenting in this session, should send a short paper (maximum 4 A4 size page) for review by a panel. Only those papers
nominated by the panel will be included for presentation. These papers will be compiled into symposium proceedings and made available to

Walkin Labs

A number of software frameworks and tools will be installed in the lab for experimentation by participants. Registered participants can use this
facility to check out these tools in a live environment and seek help from knowledgeable guides on these tools. These labs will be available from 1.00pm to 8.00pm.

Surprise competitions and prizes

There will also be occassional competitions – quizzes, coding, etc – with prizes for the winners. These will be announced by 10.00am each day.


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