[Translation of a poem by the same name by G Sankarakurup, a famous malayalam poet]

Lifting up my face with his golden hands
He looked into my eyes and gently probed:

“As my chariot moves along the sky,
Your eyes are on me and staying locked.

Something you have for me in your lovely heart?
Sorry, if my question was wrongly placed.”

I had no answer; a flower without even a smell
Is too far away from the Sun, the day's lord

Harsh are the words the world always finds
To describe the weak's feelings for him.

No words, no curse can kill my love so pure.
My eyes were forever on the chariot and him.

The blush on my face I covered with a smile
And the trembling body, of course, due to the breeze..

Let my love stay locked in my heart;
A life so divine and rich, I shall not spoil.

Love, nothing else, I want from this;
If he can guess my love, it will be joy for me.

Did he read my thoughts, I wonder now;
For his face was turning pink as he left.

Heavy was his heart as he took his hands,
Off my face, when it was time to leave.

We spoke no words, and we needed none;
Then the dark night came between us.

I bowed my head to say him thanks
Did he not see it thanks to the night?

A night later, sleepless and ever so long
He will be back and look for me here.

The wind at night had brought me to ground
I can feel his loss, the tears in his eyes.

Will he with a broken heart, wish we had never met?
And that we never fell so much in love?

[May 1998]

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