Welcome to my home on the web..

My current areas of interest are….

  1. Accessibility — various disabilities and technologies for intervention.
  2. Artificial Intelligence including natural language processing.
  3. E-learning including instruction design, assessment, personalised learning, etc
  4. Open source software

The official pages of these groups (which I was heading when I was at CDAC Mumbai) will give you some idea of the work I do and the projects I am involved in. Go to the AI/KBCS group, Educational Tech group and the Open Source Software group


A partial list of my publications are available through the "publications" link on the left. Most of my writings are for general use - as invited talks in conferences, writeups for our workshops, etc. These are being put up under "my technical writings" for your use. You are welcome to use them - do give credit.

Some Journals for publishing your research work

  1. Journal of Information Technology education
  2. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
  3. British Journal of education technology BJET. I am a reviewer for this journal.
  4. Localisation Focus from LRC Ireland
  5. Journal of Scientific computing Online journal (free)

My net-presence

  1. [http://the_little_sasi.livejournal.com] — abandoned from 2010 onwards…
  2. [http://sasipository.blogspot.com]
  3. [http://thelittlesasi.wordpress.com] — not very active, but you can see some life there.
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Researchgate — good for research based discussions
  6. Facebook - Despite my initial negative feeling abt this site, it has become my home ground over the last one year…. So, check me out there….

What is new on this site?

  1. After a long time, coming back to this site! 2nd December 2012…
  2. Adding my little poem series here.
  3. Open movement and education article uploaded in technical writing, 5th April.
  4. Created a "around the web" page giving useful links
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