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Parallel computing

These can go with my book on parallel processing published by Prentice Hall.
PVM beginners guide. Short article.
PVM home page
PVM Book online


e-books on neural networks, cog science, etc. About 20 of them
video lectures of a course on AI
MYCIN book The big book on MYCIN. Has all aspects of the expert system development discussed in the context of the MYCIN book. Worth a read, if you are into AI/ES.

General interest

ACM Model curricula etc for IT stream If you are interested in IT education or related things, worth a look. It is about 132 pages!
notes — my notes from general reading
Learn python
GRE Word list preparation

Open source, localisation, accessibility

O3 magazine FOSS focussed magazine for enterprise applications.
Linux course of tuxlabs
opensourcetools Various open source solutions which are generally popular and can be considered for real use.
foss-info Information about FOSS across the world.
Record mouse gestures and use it to provide input


convert any webpage to PDF it e-mails the page to you.

announcements — announcements re courses, workshops, etc.


A short overview of 6 tools
Information on Gnuplot
open data explorer
Using R, see r2 and r3 also

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