Popular Open Source Softwares

Check this site for open source stuff in Java: http://www.manageability.org/blog/opensource


The Unesco portal on FOSS has a lot of tools listed under categories incl education applications.
ilabs — portal for setting up real experiments online. Open source software, you can build your experiment also.


  1. Astrolinux - for astronomy
  2. Edubuntu - educational


Area Name URL
website debugging firebird www.firebird.com
Layout of web pages Blueprint ..
PHP development framework Symfony http://www.symfony-project.org
Typesetting brochures, advt, etc Scribus ..
Bug tracking mantis, bugzilla ..
Version control subversion (svn), gits
project management project.net
learning management system moodle, sakai moodle.org
website development, content management drupal
Library management koha, dspace
knowledge management finderKM, eknowledge, knowledgetree all to be checked out
Intranet/internet liferay
business process management Processmaker?Intalio?
Programming languages PHP, PERL, Python, Ruby
Expert system shell Drool, Jess http://labs.jboss.com/drools/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jess_programming_language,
3-D virtual reality environment Open Croquet opencroquet.org
Maths programming SAGE sagemath.org
storage management, backup, etc backuppc, backula, amanda, rsync
virtual machine for many languages parrot parrot.org
OS level virtualisation openVZ
ECM, document management Alfresco
video conferencing Ekiga (earlier GnomeMeeting), openmeeting, caminotalks, dimdim, noesis
Astronomy Kstars part of KDE-EDU, sky position from anywhere, loads of information
Ephemeris XEphem prediction of planetary positions, etc (? not sure)
image processing IRAF, Midas
machine learning Weka, Java data mining package (jdmp) www.jdmp.org, www.weka.org Weka is UI driven, need no programming; JDMP is more of a programming API in Java
Statistical analysis, plotting R
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