My One (and sometimes more) liners...

Occassionally I hit upon some observations which sound interesting. As far as I know, these are original. Evidence to the contrary are welcome…

  • The difference between being "no one" and "no. one" is just a period!
  • the length of introduction to a person should not exceed the number of people in the audience.
  • Many problems in life arise because we do not look for the commas, colons and fullstops in life.
  • If you look at life, 1+1 is almost never equal to 2. The average over a number of occurrences, tends towards 2; that is all.
  • The need to love, is no weaker than, the need to be loved.
  • loka: samastho sukhino bhavanthu! programs samastho bug-free bhavanthu.
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