A Drop of Pain

[Dedicated to Nirbhaya…]

In your eyes, I am sure, there were no tears,
Despite the many surges of pain that tears;
There would be hope, many a colourful dream,
Despite knowing the odds are just a dream.

Who can lift their head and look at you,
At the many dreams in those lifeless eyes;
Who can defend your fate, in which court?
What rationale to seek for such a twist of life?

Adding another drop, to our pool of shame,
And move on till the next drop is game?
No time, indeed, to wait till a logical end?
Nothing matters for more than a few days!

Progress we made, many wonders we built;
Progressed so far, are we humans any more?
There is no time to teach values to our kids,
They have so much else to learn and soar!

Let this drop not join that common pool,
Shame on us, can't we see her shattered dreams;
Blame the system? Tell me which…
That which is composed of you and me?

Time to wake up, and guard them old values,
Respect is due all around, living or not.
We exist thanks to them, not otherwise;
Price will be too high; sleep we cannot.

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