About Me...
  1. Alumnus of IIT Chennai
  2. Alumnus of IISc Bangalore
  3. Alumnus of BITS Pilani
  4. Currently with CDAC Corporate office, Pune, as Director (R&D)
  5. Was with CDAC Mumbai (earlier known as NCST) for about 20 years.
  6. Secretary to SIGAI - Special Interest Group in AI - of CSI - Computer Society of India.
  7. Member of editorial board: Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments

Talks/lectures given

  1. Adpative Instruction: A review Invited talk in the Technology for Education (T4E)-2012 international conference in Hyderabad, October 2012.
  2. human computer interaction: bringing computers closer to people. keynote address at BVCON-09, Sangli, 20-21 February 2009.
  3. open source software and open hardware. keynote at the STTP on VHDL, KJ Somayya college of engineering, Mumbai 5th Jan 2009
  4. Weka for datamining. Opening lecture in Workshop on advances in databases. MET Bandra, 16-17 January 2009
  5. Introduction to FOSS
    1. Kurukshetra Tech fest, Anna University, Chennai. 21 January 2009
    2. ASEAN international training programme, CDAC Chennai, 2 February 2009
    3. Open source forum, Pune, January 2008
  6. FOSS and education: opportunities and challenges. National workshop on open access, New Delhi, 29-30 January 2009. [proceedings]
  7. Introduction to machine learning. STTP on soft computing. Fr Francis College of Technology, Borivali. 19th December, 2008.
  8. Machine learning workshop. Talks on Introduction and Transformation. CDAC Mumbai. 19-20 December, 2008.
  9. Introduction to content management systems. Plone workshop. CDAC Chennai. 8th Nov, 2008.
  10. Expert system workshop. Sessions on introduction and knowledge acquisition. CDAC Mumbai, 17-18 October, 2008.
  11. Machine learning workshop with Prakash Pimpale. Pillai's college of engineering, Panvel, Navi Mumbai. October 8, 2008.
  12. Moodle workshop. Teacher training programme, Goa University. August 30-31, 2008.
  13. Presentation on BOSS EAL4 certification. STQC workshop, Hyderabad, 26-27 August 2008.
  14. FOSS and education. Talk at SSN College, Chennai. 1st August 2008
  15. Talk on e-learning, VJTI, Mumbai, March 2008.
  16. Introduction to AI and NLP, Tutorial, Pragyaa 2008 - the 4th Annual National Level Technological Festival, SGGS Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nanded, Maharashtra, March 2008.
  17. AI and Web. Invited lecture National Seminar on Current Trends in Information Tech, Sangamner, Nasik. Feb 2008
  18. Accessibility. (see the "my writings" tab for a writeup).
    1. Keynote address at National conference on computing and communication, Parshwanath College of engg, Thane, India, Jan 2008.
    2. Keynote address at National conference at Jalgaon, Feb 2008
  19. Introduction to parallel processing. STTP on parallel and distributed computing. DJS College of Engg, Juhu, Mumbai. Jan 2008.

[Before 2008 is history..]

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