Little Poems from Little Sasi

These little poems are a recent trend driven by the current work and social environment…. This series will be affectionately called LPLS, as per the title…

This too shall pass

"This too shall pass", so calm was His eyes;
"What next - better or worse?" Wondered my mind;
"That too shall pass", there was smile in His eyes;
Everything shall pass; yes, one day I will too.

A lamp and a Cracker

Gently a lamp, keeps the darkness away;
Spreading light that is pleasant to the eyes;
To see thing clear, keeping the bad away;
And stays on for long, making us feel nice.

In a little while, ends a cracker's life;
Leaving behind a big cloud of smoke;
Mind disturbed, and vision blurred;
And a deafening noise, that makes us choke.

A lamp should be our choice, not a cracker;
Each sudden swing in life, is just like a cracker.

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