Goa Workshop: June 2009


School teachers in +1/2 level teaching computer subjects, undergoing the 1 year training programme.


Time-slot Topic Comments
Day1: AM Openoffice - writer, impress, calc, equation To be able to create a structured document (a booklet, paper, etc), a presentation, simple spreadsheets, and graphical plots of data, and typeset equations
Day1: PM Openoffice-draw, Dia, ?inkscape To be able to create diagrams like flowcharts, flow diagrams, structural diagrams, etc
Day2: AM Multimedia - media player (songs and movies), audacity, kino, webcam recording, screenshot, Gimp To be able to create and manipulate images including photographs and screenshots, record voice and edit them, simple manipulations of videos
Day2: PM Working with Indian language - font, encoding, Yudit, keymap, etc To be able to setup a computer to read/write Indian language
Day3: AM Drupal To be able to create websites of significant complexity
Day3: PM Currently kept open will cover wrap up, discussions, feedback, etc. May include a quick view of a few other tools


M Sasikumar
Aparna R
Dattatraya Bhat

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