Information on FOSS Companies in India

Compiling a database of FOSS companies in India

The OSSRC (Open Source Software Resource Centre), in Mumbai is making an attempt to compile a database of companies with significant strengths in Open source - offering FOSS products, solutions, services, etc. This can cover direct IT activities or in fields such as library management, e-learning, etc.

We request your help in ensuring that we have as complete a database as possible. Please circulate the template below to potential companies. Completed forms may be sent to OSSRC or to me (the.little.sasi at gmail dot com). We will post the table on the site, and will keep it updated periodically, as we get more responses.

Template for gathering information on FOSS companies

Name of the company:

Established since: …………………………………………….. In India, since:

Major locations:

Presence outside India:


Major focus areas (only wrt FOSS):

Skill set in the company:

How many staff in the FOSS area:

Major success stories: [max 2 sentence per story]

Plans/thoughts for future:

Contact address:

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