CSI Session On Foss

India IT 2020: National conference by CSI and BMA

Session on: Open Source Adoption: the Future in India
Date: 29th January 2009

This technology session looks at the notion of 'open source' in its various colours and looks at how it has been and how it should be in India. Open source software, open standards and open systems are recognised to be important in India for many reasons. There is the cost saving, important if we want ICT to reach the billion strong population of India. There is the ability to build localised versions, important to reach the vast non-English speaking segment of India. There is the traditional Indian mindset of sharing of knowledge. There are also the concerns of security, technology lock-in, and so on. We have made a lot of progress in building an eco-system for FOSS in India and encouraging its use and adoption, but we have a long way to go. What role does the government, Industry (IT and others) and academia see for this notion of "openness" in the years to come? What are the current trends and movements? What do we need to do to leverage this better and also to contribute to this area? These are questions that this theme session would seek to address.

We have 3-5 speakers briefly sharing their views on these issues from different perspectives, and then we have a panel discussion where the same speakers debate on the overall concerns, and also react to the audience questions.

Proposed speakers:

Government perspective: Dr Balasubramanian, NIC/OTC Chennai
Academic perspective: Dr Krishnan, AU-KBC, Chennai
Industry perspective: Mr Sitaram, TCS-Hyderabad
General trends, Solution providers, etc: Venkatesh Hariharan, Redhat
Moderator: Sasikumar M, CDAC Mumbai
[(*) to be confirmed]

Session Coordination: Sasikumar M, CDAC Mumbai


Sitaram Chamarty
Principal Consultant, TCS

Sitaram Chamarty is a member of TCS's corporate R&D efforts, working out of TCS' Innovation Labs, Hyderabad. His current responsibilities relate to the eSecurity R&D work and the Open Source/Linux work in ILH. He has over 22 years of experience in IT.

Sitaram is a very technical person, a self-confessed Linux and open source evangelist of more than 13 years standing, as well as a Perl expert. He is very "hands-on" compared to most people in his peer group; he is probably the seniormost person in TCS to use Linux exclusively on all his machines. Like many technologists in the open source world, he also considers himself a quasi-lawyer, and is often consulted for advice on licensing and compliance issues. He also has a wide variety of knowledge on e-security and related issues, ranging from technology aspects to the human factor aspects that are so important in implementations. Apart from all this, he has significant past experience in language conversions and tools, as well as in data-warehousing.

He obtained his B.Tech degree from JNTU, Kakinada, in 1984 and M.Tech in Computer Science from ISI, Calcutta, in 1986.

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