Darkness all around, your little flame
fighting alone to keep it away.

The naughty gentle breeze, joining the foe,
making your life harder still.

As your life melts away to light,
Tell me what keeps you going?

The smile on your face dancing in the flame,
fails to hide the pain within.

"Our little lives are but to serve the rest" -
making an old saying come true?

A model of sacrifice - unmatched as ever -
you make for the world to follow?

Fulfilling a duty, thrust into your hands,
By the process known as birth?

A bad phase set by the supreme force,
trying to bear it with a smile?

The feeling of guilt, of your sins so far,
melting you down in ruthless heat?

I can see tears of penance around you
Flowing down what is left of you.

Whatever your drive for this unique life
Fulfilled it is, no doubt I have.


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