Aoss Meet

October 28th

India will host the Feb meeting of AOSSC - Chennai, with OSI week
Create a directory - online - of open source industries in India - service, products, etc [OSSRC]
Lot of discussions on MOC - lots of loose issues.
Dot Asia - planning to host the AOSSC website
… a not for profit organisation. for information on R&D grants
and creative on IPR and related issues
codeplex - microsoft open source project portal
Malaysia - new university (Asia e university), offering open source programs
Singapore offering a Masters programme in open source
… SIM University, Uses ruby-on-rails, etc
… under the Min of education
… has school of science and tech
… courses for working professionals only

Asia e university ( — 30 countries joint effort, incl India; "affordable and quality e-learning"
.. school of ICT: Asian Executive Masters in Open Source Computing

DotAsia — to host the site for now.
Announce signing at the respective countries.

India to be chairman for AOSSC for the coming year. Philipines will be co-chairman.
Committee: Malaysia, Hongkong, Singapore
Secretariat: India
[Chairman will be the country hosting the meeting, Co-chair, the previous country]

Postpone the India event by 1-2 weeks?
Thailand - open source event in November, 2009 - next slot.

AOSSC will bring out a quarterly newsletter. I will be the editor for now.

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