Dear colleague,

The Knowledge Based Computer Systems division at CDAC Mumbai is organizing a two-day workshop on "Rule Based Expert Systems" at our Navi Mumbai (Kharghar) campus on 17-18 October, 2008. The workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the field of expert systems along with practical exposure to develop expert systems using an expert system shell.

Please circulate this call for participation to those who may be interested in the area of expert systems, and/or nominate a few from your institution to benefit from this exercise. For more details and registration formalities, visit the following URL -
You can also find a link at homepage.

If you require any further clarification or information, please do let us know. Looking forward to your support and participation.

M Sasikumar

Open source adoption: the future in India

This technology session looks at the notion of 'open source' in its various colours and looks at how it has been and how it should be in India. Open source software, open standards and open systems are recognised to be important in India for many reasons. There is the cost saving, important if we want ICT to reach the billion strong population of India. There is the ability to build localised versions, important to reach the vast non-English speaking segment of India. There is the traditional Indian mindset of sharing of knowledge. There are concerns of security, technology lock-in, and so on. We have made a lot of progress, but we have a long way to go. For the perceived IT power associated with India, and the size of the population we have, our progress has been low. What role does the government, Industry (IT and others) and academia see for this notion of "openness" in the years to come? What are the current trends and movements? What do we need to do to leverage this better and also to contribute to this area? These are questions that this theme session would seek to address.

We have 3-5 speakers sharing their views from different perspectives, and then we have a panel discussion where the same speakers debate on the overall concerns, and also react to the audience questions.


  • The government perspective: Dr Chakravarti/DIT, Gairola/NIC, Dr Bala/NIC, Dr Dhekne/BARC, Rajagopal??
  • The IT industry perspective: NASSCOM?, TCS?. Infosys? Mr Sitaram, Head of Open Source, ACS, TCS, Venkatesh Hariharan
  • Non-IT industry perspective: Airlines? Manufacturing (automobiles)? HR Mohan/Hindu?
  • Academic perspective: Dr Krishnan/AU-KBC, ??
  • Citizen perspective: ??
  • Panel: same members

Wikiocean head? Silver arc software solutions [Arun Khan]?

Invitation Letter

Dear Shri …..,

Computer Society of India and the Bombay Management Association is joining hands to organise the first annual conference on India IT 2020 in Mumbai, during 2-4 December, 2008, to define how Indian companies will strategically leverage technology by 2020, and understand its impact on infrastructure, society and business. The initial announcement of the conference is enclosed for your reference.

As a part of this CSI-BSA conference, we are organising a session focussing on open source. As you know, open source is expected to play a major role in the IT space in the future, and it is also of significant importance to countries like India. The enclosed note gives you a brief description of the session.

On behalf of the organising committee, I invite you to join the panel of members for this session. As mentioned in the note, no formal presentation is required. The session is being planned as a panel discussion covering the topics mentioned. The conference organisers can take care of your travel and local hospitality, if you are unable to cover these on your own.

Please let us know if you would be able to spare some time for this and accept the invitation. In case you have any queries, do let us know.

We look forward to an early positive response from you…

M Sasikumar, CDAC Mumbai.

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